Many Rivers Order of Interbeing Sanghas

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On Knowing the Better Way to Live Alone

Date: Wednesday August 28 – Tuesday September 4, 2019
Location: Mountain Lamp, Deming, WA

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led by Sheila Canal & Kate Marchevskova

What is our relationship with our minds? Do we have regrets about the past, fantasies about the future? Do we lose ourselves in distractions, craving and jealousy? 2600 years ago the Buddha taught exactly about these very modern questions. On retreat we have the opportunity to bring the Buddha’s ancient wisdom alive for each of us in the very here and now. When we explore the Discourse on the Better Way to Live Alone, we discover one of the foundations of meditation practice. We look deeply at life as it is with the intention to dwell in stability and freedom. On retreat together we give each other the spaciousness to find our own truth.

In order to facilitate practice and settle the mind, Sati Retreats at Mountain Lamp are conducted wholly in friendly noble silence. In addition to walking meditation outdoors, Dharma Talks, and communal meals, we have periods of sitting and indoor walking meditation throughout the day. On retreat, we commit to participating in the full schedule in order to support each other in practice.